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About Me

The Beginning of Sustainability

I'm Jon, and welcome to Good Boy Glass. In 2019, at Bucknell University I saw the vast number of recyclable materials that ended up as trash on a daily basis. As a Biochemist I knew that each one could be melted and reformed creating a circular economy. This is where Good Boy Glass started.

My Goal

To create a recycling company that diverts 100% of reusable materials from the landfill back into the world.

Minor Set Backs

When the pandemic hit I decided I needed to follow a normal career path: that it wasn't the time to switch things up. I joined PHD program in Biochemistry in 2020 and again was faced with recyclable materials ending up in the landfill. The program did not pay well so I started bartending. Again, I was faced with waste.

The Leap

Finally in 2022 I cut the safety net, left the program and started started by collecting bottles from my shifts. With thousands of bottles, a wet saw and a sander in my one bedroom apartment I started Good Boy Glass once more.

The Next Steps

Currently, I am still working out of my apartment which is quite crowded. I plan to get a work shop and expand my capabilities by turning into a glass blowing/ melting studio where all glass will be able to be recycled.

So when I say that every dollar used here goes towards a 100% circular glass economy, this is how I plan to do it.

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